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“Will I be enough?”

By Laurie Nastasia

United States

I work in a hospital in Massachusetts as a medical assistant. During this time of my life — working during the COVID-19 pandemic — I begin each day with uncertainty about what I will face and how difficult my day might be. My anxiety level changes day to day.

Will I be enough? Will I remain strong?

Something new at my hospital gives me moments to feel happiness and appreciation. Each time a COVID-19 patient is released to return home, we hear “Code Rocky” over the loudspeakers. The theme from the movie “Rocky” then plays. This is followed by cheers throughout the hospital. Each time I hear this, I feel exhilarated and am given more than enough reason to believe that I am in the right place.

"Philadelphia Rocky Statue" by Andos_pics is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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