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“There is a purpose to be found in all these new places.”

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By Ramesha Ali


Just a few months ago, my place was in a hospital for my third-year pediatrics clerkship. It was with my peers and at the bedside. This place was where I found purpose and structure.

Now my place is around my family and at home, around those who anchor me and remind me that this is not necessarily the new normal, but just the unexpected present. It is on the phone to my friends, reciprocating feelings of connectedness, despite an ocean’s distance between us. It is online, helping kids who are equal parts confused and frustrated, and now struggling with learning at home. It is any place where I am not a walking vector.

But there is a purpose to be found in all these new places. They are not necessarily void of fulfillment but are simply different. They allow me to do my part in protecting the ones I love and the ones who sacrifice their health for the health of others. At a time when it is easy to feel stranded on the sidelines, this purpose is a place of its own.

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