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“The sense of community is overwhelmingly positive.”

The sun setting over the water.
By Tidelands Health

Murrells Inlet, SC
United States

We are inspired every day by acts of compassion that are helping us through this crisis. Tidelands Health recently shared stories that have inspired them in their local community of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. We hope that they will motivate others to find ways to help in their own communities.

Editor’s note: These five articles originally appeared on the Tidelands Health website and are reprinted here with permission.

A vigil in the parking lot of a Tidelands Health facility.

In just a week, [Pawleys Island Community] church members created the more than 1,800 heartfelt cards that will find their way into the hands of Tidelands Health team members. The activity was inspired by similar efforts to send cards and notes of support to soldiers overseas. It was built on the notion of human connection – one person writing a message of encouragement to another.

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Leisa Merrick stood in the parking lot of Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital in coastal South Carolina. Sobbing. Frantic with worry. Her husband, Alan, had been rushed to the emergency department, and – because of visitor restrictions to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus – she couldn’t go inside. This is a story of great love and of great loss. It is a story of two wives and their devotion to their husbands. And, most of all, it is a story of a sign – a sign that, even in the darkness of a pandemic, love never fails.

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In March, more than 2,000 community volunteers generously signed up to sew new elastic bands on tens of thousands of new, never-used respirators whose straps had deteriorated while in storage since a previous public health emergency. Now, after undergoing an intensive quality control check and sterilization, the retrofitted N95s are being distributed to care providers across the [Tidelands] health system.

Read about how the community came together to retrofit N95 masks.

For years, major world events such as the Sept. 11 terror attacks have compelled Hickey to write poetry as a way to cope. And now, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has once again triggered the New York native to pound out one poem after another. In March, as COVID-19 began sweeping the nation, Hickey turned to writing poetry as a way to cope.

Read some of Hickey’s poetry.

Julie Huynh figured she’d dust off her childhood sewing skills and make a few hand-sewn masks for her nail salon clients and friends to use amid the coronavirus pandemic. But, thanks to Huynh’s drive to help, the simple project has ballooned into a massive effort with nearly a dozen volunteers, a routine schedule of delivery and a word-of-mouth donation campaign for materials. The result? A whopping 5,000 hand-sewn masks for not only her friends but also for Tidelands Health and assisted living centers in coastal South Carolina. And she’s not done yet.

Read about how Huynh inspired a grass roots campaign of mask making.

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