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"With no visitors allowed, I truly appreciated their presence and care."

A clinician in protective gear smiles at the camera.
By Nathania Zaini

Los Angeles, CA
United States

I am an animator based in the US. I was recently hospitalized for anemia and kidney stones. It was my first time being hospitalized and of course it had to be during a global pandemic. It was a new experience for me. I could not control my feelings. I was so sad to be there and have to stay in bed all day for four straight days. But as I was laying there, I learned about the struggles that nurses go through. I learned how they are exhausted from being assigned too many patients. I learned they are not getting enough sleep and do not have time for bathroom breaks or lunch. I started making this animation when I was still in the hospital to help tell their stories in the small way that I can. I hope nurses get treated as the healthcare heroes they are. I hope the patient-nurse ratio can become more balanced. I hope they get tested enough and get the care they deserve.

With no visitors allowed, I truly appreciated their presence and care by taking on the role of my family in that short hospital stay.

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