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“My biggest concern is keeping staff safe.”

My biggest concern is keeping staff safe
By Marc Neil

United Kingdom

I am a staff member and health care administrator. I am married to a paediatrician wife, with two young children.

We live in Northern Ireland, which is in lockdown. However, both our children are still in school. Despite the challenges of working in a hospital treating COVID-19 patients, we feel very fortunate. We have a degree of normality that not all are able to have. We are also fortunate not to have to worry about our jobs, putting meals on the table, heating our house, putting fuel in the car, and meeting mortgage payments. We've a lot to be thankful for!

The hospital where I work has completely changed how we do business and we’ve seen an incredible response from our staff across the board.

As a health care leader, my biggest concern is keeping staff safe — physically, psychologically, and emotionally — through all this.

[The lack of] PPE has been a huge bone of contention and worry for staff and I think this is where the challenge between scientific and psychological safety meet. Staff having confidence in their protections will absolutely impact on the level of care we offer patients. I don’t think that can be underplayed.

It’s very sad to see each death from COVID-19. It takes its toll on staff to care for these patients. I am very thankful for our great people working in these challenging times.

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