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“Love never fails.”

Love Never Fails
By Randi Boell

Carroll, IA
United States

Unable to visit those hospitalized during the pandemic, my family was recently faced with this dilemma. On a moment’s notice, we decided to sail balloons by the room windows of our loved one who was hospitalized (not for COVID-19, but for another condition).

We weren’t sure if our plan would work, considering the room is on the 2nd level (2nd level from the exterior, 3rd level interior), but it worked perfectly! With a little coordination with the nursing staff at the hospital, it worked wonderfully and we got to see the smiling face of our loved one!

This picture represents finding innovative ways to show our loved ones we care and are still there for them, despite the barriers and restrictions COVID-19 has put before us. “Love never fails.”

Love Never Fails

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