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“Let us all find one beautiful thing today that makes us happy.”

Black and white stethoscope
By Albana Gjeka-Sgouridis

Chicago, IL
United States

I believe we will get out of this situation.

As a leader, I need to be current, stay updated, and stay free of the chains of past conformist ideas. Like Tony Robbins says, "If you are always focused on what you can’t control, you are going to feel overwhelmed. You're going to feel fearful. You're going to feel frustrated. You're going to feel stressed. You've got to focus on what you can control, not what you can't control."

Let us all find one beautiful thing today that make us happy. That inner peace is essential.

The increased number of patients with COVID-19 is devastating for all — and for health care providers, too. Our health care employees must be rested so they can continue to provide quality care. Strategic thinking about staffing is essential, but, more importantly, we need to support each other psychologically.

Many health care providers are "burned out" from inadequate staff, supplies, and long hours. It is vital to help each other right now. We must work together to overcome our current challenges.

I believe we will get out of the current situation and will be better prepared for the next time.

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