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“It’s been months since I stepped out of the house.”

“It’s been months since I stepped out of the house”
By Preyyyk Kumar

Uttar Pradesh

While everyone is getting vaccinated, thought I’d share my experience. It’s been months since I stepped out of the house, movement has been very restricted. When the 18+ vaccine registrations opened in Delhi NCR [National Capital Region], India, my sister got lucky to find a center in Shahdara (we’re in Noida) with enough spots for the next afternoon. My sisters and I drove to the government school, double masked, hand-gloved, with sanitizers. Finding the government school was a whole other story. It wasn’t mapped [online] and was somewhere in the bylanes [secondary roads] of Welcome Colony. Ordeal finding it really!

Anyway, so the vaccination was quick, [the site was] not crowded, and I thought, “Wow, that wasn’t bad.” Totally prepared for the side effects, once home I showered, got the laundry sanitizer, and rested it out. Was on a high alert for any signs of sickness. Turned out that on May 5, a day after getting the vaccine, I started to feel tired, some discomfort, and temperature of 99 [degrees Fahrenheit]. Immediately decided to self-isolate and not take risks with it. On reading the government website I found that side effects can stay up to seven days so monitored myself every day, had [paracetamol for symptom relief] and rested it out. Every day was mild fever, sometimes my body hurt, sometimes I was tired, sometimes my eyes and skin felt itchy. Also began to notice that I had begun drinking more water than usual. On day five of the fever I felt dehydrated all the time.

Finally on day seven I decided to consult a doctor virtually. I also have started getting ulcers in my mouth and my mouth and throat in particular feel dry. I also feel like the itching in my scalp has increased but not sure if it’s got to do with what I’m going through right now or something else.

So the doctor told me to begin treatment right away. Just resting it out, eating healthy, and isolating till I get better. Hope this experience can help someone anyway.

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