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“I had a run-in with the COVID-19 virus.”

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By Jacqueline Canter

Cherry Hill, NJ
United States

I had a run-in with the COVID-19 virus. Home for 7 days, ambulance, [high fever], double pneumonia, hallucinations, delusional, [ran down the] hallway and punched a security guard, sedated, stopped breathing, ICU [intensive care unit], collapsed lung, ventilator for 6 days, and lived to tell [about it]. I was pushed back to this side by both my deceased parents and had an out-of-body experience. Full recovery after 3 weeks of hospital including a few days in rehab.

When I returned home, I was extremely weak, could get up the interior stairway only on all fours.

Once back in the real world, suffered with depression, anxiety, scared of everything. Petrified to leave my house. Learned about PICS [post-intensive care syndrome], which no one had mentioned. I had a panic attack after walking dogs for the first time after hospitalization, which I thought was a stroke, and called 911. Am still having some (improving) brain fog, confusion, difficulty finding words and spelling. Am very emotional and over-reactive. Now dealing with telogen effluvium, which I’ve learned is hair loss [that can follow events such as] high temperature and shock.

I’m not too big on limelight, but I’d absolutely talk about it if it would help the cause.

For whatever it’s worth, I am a white woman, 60 years old, and otherwise in great condition.

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