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“I can’t imagine a world in which independent primary care doesn’t exist.”

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By Anonymous

United States

As an executive for an independent primary care practice in Colorado, as well as a father of two small children, COVID-19 has impacted me on multiple levels.

I believe firmly in the value that independent primary care brings to the community. As a small business, we are built on creating a high-value relationship with each and every person (patient and employee) who walks through our door. When COVID hit, we had to think and act quickly to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.

Pivoting rapidly into a virtual practice with a skeleton crew onsite, we wanted to make sure that we remained fully accessible to provide high-quality care to our community, while preserving the safety for all. That feat alone was incredibly stressful and difficult, especially as each staff member with a family was adjusting to closed schools, and spouses with changes in work life.

The most stressful and difficult part of this is that we can’t depend on the insurance companies to pay for this care. It seems as if they change requirements for reimbursement of virtual care almost daily. Their message is that they are helping, but the true payments have yet to come through. They are not operating as a true partner in caring for our communities. With now unknown revenue streams, every day we must ask ourselves a serious question: Can our small business survive this pandemic?

How do we keep our highly valued people employed and remain open to serve our patients and our community? We need the insurance companies to value what we do and support us. We need the government to value what we do and support us.

Let’s work together to help one another. Please support what we do. I can’t imagine a world in which independent primary care doesn’t exist.

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