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"And the world spins madly on."

A lit up Ferris wheel at night.
By Avnee Nulkar

Santa Clara, CA
United States

December 2019
The Roaring Twenties,
New century. Brace myself,
For this year is mine.

January 2020
Change and growth await.
Inspiring resolutions
Evolving often.

February 2020
Darkness infiltrates
With creeping uncertainty.
Global deaths daily.

March 2020
Sheltering in place
Replaces resolutions.
Stay safe; keep healthy.

April 2020
Protests amplify
Skeptical notions worldwide.
Truth needs to unfold.

May 2020
Lockdown lifts emerge,
Met with excitement, fear, rage –
Humanity must unite.

June and X Remainder 2020
Lack of certainty
And the world spins madly on,
Steering our futures.

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