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“And then I see the ray of hope.”

The sun sets over the land.
By Prerna Dhulekar


Leaving all the mess behind, here I am like a calm ocean. Hope in eyes… looking at the sunshine. Aiming for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that begins with the healing dawn.

It would be a lie if I say I am fearless in the current situation. But before I drown in the ocean of worries and tears, I choose to be quiet and calm. At least for a moment. This strengthens my ability to fight back.

Suddenly an ambulance passed. I looked down through the window glass. I wish whosoever is in that recovers fast. Whenever I see the ground reality my heart aches. The havoc conditions of humankind make me restless.

Now, I only long for a peaceful night. Hope and prayer are in rhyme.

And then I see the ray of hope. People who are extending hands to others and reminding us of the true nature of being human. Everything is going to be alright. Dark clouds will be cleared and again the sun will shine bright.

Although we lost the physical touch during this time, the touch of humanity is redefined.

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