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“All is not lost.”

All is not lost
By Kristen Swain

Atkinson, NH
United States

The [COVID-19 pandemic] has left a pit in my stomach and a frog in my throat. What I fear most is not uncertainty. It’s a loss of control.

But all is not lost. I am an agent of change. I lean into uncertainty with a childlike excitement. I embrace the unknown in new situations and challenges alike.

Strength comes not from doing what we can do, but from overcoming the things we thought we couldn’t.

It is outside our comfort zone where we find the most growth. It has been inspiring to witness what it means to come together as a community and collectively step outside this zone. We are stronger when we work together than if we go it alone.

I believe our world is changing for the better. In these new times and amidst these new challenges and circumstances, I believe we are all counting our blessings and not our troubles. We are thankful for what we have rather than remorseful over what we lack. We appreciate a smile and random acts of kindness, and we make efforts to perform these acts ourselves.

We practice gratitude with those who are on the front lines, including health care workers, grocery store attendants, truck drivers, and other members of our community who fill essential roles during this time of isolation. We recognize and appreciate the courage and bravery it takes for these folks to leave the safety and security of their home and their family to go out into the world, to keep it moving forward.

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